Don Koziak for Councillor Ward 2


When I announced my candidacy for Mayor, I entered this campaign because there was an absence of strong and fair leadership in this City.  I believe Edmontonians deserve a choice, but current events convinced me that my talents and passions would be best deployed in a bid for City Council in Ward 2.

When David Dorward, a candidate with strong support entered the race for Mayor, I just could not see a scenario in which I would emerge the victor in an increasingly crowded picture.

I know I have supporters, over 38,000 of you gave me that support in 2007 but, the mayor’s chair is not the only avenue for me to effect change.

As a resident and business owner in Ward 2, I did not like my current Councillor's actions on the most important issue of this election, the City Centre Airport.

Legal technicalities aside, Council has decided to ignore the wishes of at least 73,657 citizens who want a say in the future of the City Centre Airport and those disenfranchised citizens deserve a voice.

Having personally collected more than 400 signatures for the petition, I can tell you that many more people would have signed, were it not for privacy reasons.  Back in 1992, when we last forced an airport petition question on the ballot, 39122 signatures would have been enough, today with almost double that, 8 councillors and the Mayor have turned their noses up to us.  Council made a deliberate decision to evade the airport plebiscite because it does not want its July 2009 decision scrutinized.

Those 8 Councillors must be held to account for their action and I intend to campaign passionately in Ward 2 where our airport resides, and the incumbent will have to justify her position, or surrender her seat.